The cost of freight transportation stands as a pivotal factor in selecting a transportation partner, and at ABS Group, we understand its significance. Our company ensures competitive tariffs for cargo transportation, forwarding, and an array of supplementary services, all underscored by the transparency of our financial documentation.
Leveraging our tariff calculator, clients can independently compute the expenses entailed in transporting cargo from Russia to Kazakhstan. Our streamlined process encompasses road transport for the conveyance of consolidated cargoes, with additional services readily available as per our published price list.
To ascertain the transportation cost, clients are required to furnish details regarding the transportation route, gross weight, and volume of the cargo, or its dimensions. Employing the provided dimensional measurements, clients can compute the cargo's volume utilizing the formula: Length x Width x Height (in meters).
Our tariff calculator diligently accounts for both physical and volumetric weight, settling on the higher of the two for tariff assessment.
Clients are encouraged to utilize our tariff calculator by selecting the departure and destination cities, along with specifying the cargo dimensions.
Kindly note: For cargoes weighing over 700 kg, the cost of delivery is determined upon receipt of an individualized request.

Notes and Conditions:
Our tariffs include:
-Delivery of cargo from the carrier's warehouse to the sender's/recipient's warehouse at the points of origin/destination;
-Handling of cargo at the consolidation terminal;
-Preparation of commercial transport documents;
-Delivery of cargo to the recipient's door (excluding Almaty and Moscow).

Our tariffs do not include:
-Pickup/delivery of cargo within the city at the points of origin;
-Loading/unloading operations at the sender's/recipient's warehouses;
-Transportation of hazardous goods;
-Additional packaging of cargo (if necessary);
-Surcharge for additional packaging volume;
-Sorting/assortment of cargo;
-Payment for vehicle downtime and any other expenses due to the fault of the shipper or consignee.

General Terms and Conditions:
-Cargo release is made upon payment for delivery;
-For cargoes that cannot be stacked on top of each other, tariffs are calculated taking into account the empty space occupied above (with a calculated height of 240 cm);
-The cost of transporting cargo, the weight/volume/length of one unit of which exceeds 180 kg/1 cubic meter/150 cm, increases by 20%;
-Storage of cargo at the warehouse in Almaty: free for up to 3 days from the moment of notification to the recipient, thereafter at a rate of 5,000 tenge per 1 m³ per day.