Railway transportation

Primary services for railway transportation of goods:
Delivery of cargo by 20-foot and 40-foot containers, as well as various types and volumes of wagons, to the following destinations, including multimodal transportation:
- From European countries (from any country in Eastern or Western Europe, as well as island nations);
- From China and countries in East Asia (Japan, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc.);
- From Turkey and countries in the Middle East;
- From South and North America;
- From Africa and Australia;
- From other countries and states, including islands.


Additional services we provide for railway transportation:
- Sourcing and procurement of necessary goods abroad;
- Door-to-door cargo delivery (delivery within the city at the points of origin and destination);
- Cargo insurance against all risks;
- Armed security escort for cargo;
- Cross-docking, warehousing, sorting, (re)packaging of cargo;
- Customs clearance of cargo;
- Assistance with documentation preparation;
- Consultations in logistics.


Types/kinds of cargoes we transport by railway:
- Standard cargoes;
- Hazardous cargoes;
- Oversized, extra-large, and heavy cargoes;
- High-value cargoes;
- Cargoes requiring temperature control.